Why am I getting a gray image when trying to scan?


The new iOS 8 has added some new privacy settings for your camera.  Most users should not encounter this error and will instead be prompted when they first use ZipGrade with the new iOS version to allow ZipGrade to use your camera.

If you are receiving the grey screen, follow these steps to allow ZipGrade to use your device's camera:

  1. Navigate to your devices 'Home' screen with all of your apps.
  2. Open the 'Settings' app.
  3. Find and press 'Privacy'
  4. Find and press 'Camera'
  5. Find ZipGrade in the list of applications.
  6. Make sure the slider is turned on (green).
  7. Press the 'Home' button and try ZipGrade again.


If you continue to have difficulties scanning, here are a few other things to try:

1. When scanning, in black text at the top of the screen is the expected size of the answer sheet (ie 20 question form, etc.). Which format answer sheet are you scanning? Does it match the text at the top of the screen? If it doesn't, press back until you see the 'edit' button for this quiz. Press the 'edit' button and you may change the answer sheet format that the app is expecting.

2. During the scanning process, there is some prompting text. Normally this text will go through the following steps: 'Align 4 corners', 'Waiting for autofocus: xx%', and 'Hold Paper on Flat surface'. How far in that process is the app going?

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a picture of the problematic answer sheet with the standard 'Camera' app while holding the phone as you would while scanning. Email that image to support@zipgrade.com along with the name of the quiz.


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