ZipGrade isn't recognizing an answer sheet? It won't scan!

  • Verify that you are scanning the same form as selected in the quiz.  While scanning, the expected format will be in black text at the top(ie 50 Question Form). If it doesn't match, press 'edit' on previous page to change answer sheet format expected.
  • Make sure the answer sheet is perfectly flat. ZipGrade cannot read curved, bent, or crumpled answer sheets.
  • Warn students to not make any stray marks. ZipGrade uses the dark squares to orient the page for grading and stray marks can confuse the app.
  • Make sure the printer/copier makes crisp and clear copies of the answer sheet. Smudges or gray printing due to running low on ink/toner can confuse the app.


If you continue to have problems scanning, take a picture of the problematic answer sheet with the Camera app while holding the phone or iPad roughly where you would while scanning.  Email that to and we can use that to determine where the problem lies.

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