New Android Features - November 2021

In November 2021, we released a major interface update to the Android version of ZipGrade based on feedback we have received from our users.  Especially for those users that have previously used the Android version of ZipGrade, we wanted to highlight some of the changes.


New Navigation


Instead of having a separate main menu, the primary pages have a tab bar at the bottom to navigate directly to main sections of the application.  These icons are (from left to right):

  • Quizzes 
  • Classes
  • Students
  • Tags
  • Account (previously labeled Cloud)

No User/Account Needed

Unlike previous versions of ZipGrade, you may elect to not login to the ZipGrade servers or create a new ZipGrade account to use ZipGrade.  While using ZipGrade without an account, you will not be able to use any features that requires syncing.  For example, the following features of ZipGrade are not available when not logged into the servers:

  • Custom Answer Sheets
  • Any web-based reports or exports
  • Sharing quiz definitions or custom answer sheets
  • Syncing data to multiple devices

Using ZipGrade without an account allows the app to be used in locations where teachers are not allowed to have data stored by a 3rd party or on servers within the United States.  

Since the data resides solely on the mobile device if not logged into the servers, please be sure to backup your device frequently.  Deletion of the ZipGrade mobile application or loss of your phone will result in total loss of data and any purchased unlimited grading.  


Export CSV/PDF of All Papers


The button to export quiz results in CSV or PDF form has moved to the top bar of the 'Review Papers' screen.  Press the box with an 'up' arrow and you'll be prompted for which export you would like.  



Print Answer Sheets from Quiz


When a quiz uses one of the standard answer sheet forms, you may print the answer sheet directly from the quiz menu using the print icon to the right of the answer sheet.  These answer sheets may also be printed from the button labeled 'Blank Sheets' on the 'Account' screen.



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