How to Purchase Unlimited Grading

This article is for individual users purchasing their own ZipGrade subscription.  For information on how to purchase ZipGrade for other users:


For those users that need to grade more than 100 papers in a single calendar month, 1 year of unlimited grading is available for $6.99 USD (or the local equivalent, plus tax).  All subscriptions are pre-paid in 1 year increments and do not auto-renew.

  • If you are logged into a ZipGrade account at the time of purchase, the subscription is tied to that account and can be accessed on any device that is logged in with that specific ZipGrade account.
  • If you are not logged into a ZipGrade account at the time of purchase (the current user would be displayed on the app's "Account"/cloud screen), you can only use the in-app purchase option (processed through the device's app store), and the subscription is connected to the ZipGrade app instance on your device.

You can check which user name is logged in (if any) - the current user is displayed on the "Account"/cloud screen of the ZipGrade mobile app and near the top right of the website while logged in.

For purchases outside the US - When purchasing through the website, your credit card's currency conversion rates will apply (the price can only be displayed in US dollars since we do not know your credit card's specific conversion rates).  When purchasing through the in-app or app store purchase options, it uses the app store's currency conversion rates (which may be displayed in your local currency, depending on your device and/or app store settings), plus any applicable taxes or fees that might apply.

You can either purchase a 1 year subscription for your ZipGrade account through an in-app purchase (the "Subscription Purchase Info" or "Buy 1 Year Unlimited Scanning: $6.99" button on the "Account"/cloud screen in your ZipGrade mobile app) or with a credit card on the website (the "Buy 1 year of Unlimited Grading: $6.99" button on the left of the "My Account" page while logged in).

For in-app purchases, you must use your App Store or Google Play Store account to fund your purchase.  These accounts are often funded by credit card, but that depends on your specific app store account set up - you may be able to have it set to charge a debit card, PayPal, telecom load, etc.

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