I received a License Code (previously referred to as "Purchase Codes"). How do I redeem it?

A ZipGrade License Code (starting with "ZG-") is used to extend your current ZipGrade subscription for 1 year.  To redeem a License Code:

  1. From any web browser (including desktop), go to www.zipgrade.com
  2. If you already have a ZipGrade user, press the Login button if not already logged in to enter your ZipGrade user credentials.
  3. If you do not already have a ZipGrade user, press New User? to create a new ZipGrade user.
  4. If you are not already on the My Account screen, press More in the menu bar to select My Account.
  5. Enter your ZipGrade License Code into the box labeled 'Redeem License Code' and click Redeem.


This will apply the subscription extension to the currently logged in user.  This subscription will sync to the ZipGrade mobile app when logged in with the same user.


How to install the ZipGrade mobile app on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

How to install the ZipGrade mobile app on Android?



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