What about ZipGrade VPP?

As of August 1, 2018, we are no longer able to support syncing of ZipGrade VPP with the website.  Please transition to the primary version of ZipGrade (see below)

What was ZipGrade VPP?

ZipGrade VPP was a version of ZipGrade released specifically to be compatible with Apple's Volume Purchase Program.  Due to several reasons(see below), the ZipGrade VPP version is no longer offered in the Apple App Store.  Several major releases have occured in the primary ZipGrade app since then, including the release of custom answer forms and numeric entry.  


What if I purchased or am using ZipGrade VPP?

You may continue to use the ZipGrade VPP and benefit from the 'forever' unlimited scanning. However, we will not be releasing any new updates for this version of ZipGrade.  

But you may continue to use your 'forever' unlimited scanning subscription and get access to all of the new features by transitioning to the primary version of ZipGrade.

Therefore, we recommend transitioning to using the ZipGrade app:

  • Remember your ZipGrade username.  If you are unsure, the username may be found on the 'Cloud' screen within the ZipGrade VPP app.
  • On the App Store on your device, search for an install the 'ZipGrade' app (free)
  • Find where this app was installed.  This will NOT be the same icon you've been using in the past, it will be a second 'ZipGrade' app installed.  It will usually show in the last screen.
  • On first open of this new ZipGrade instance, follow the bottom prompt to login with your ZipGrade username
  • Your 'forever' subscription and previously synced data will now be synced to this new instance
  • Use this instance of ZipGrade going forward.


Why was ZipGrade VPP discontinued?

The primary reason is that it was causing confusion.  While both versions were functionally identical, many users incorrectly thought the ZipGrade VPP version included additional features.  Due to limitations on how Apple allows developers to communicate within the application and the information page on the App Store, we were not able to clear up this confusion.  Offering a single version of the ZipGrade app creates a more easily understood offering.

Apple has also changed their policies, making it tenuous to offer different versions of the the same application that only differ in purchase options.  

In addition, though intended for use by a single user; there was an undocumented method that allowed ZipGrade VPP purchasers to create multiple 'forever' unlimited users.  This loophole existed due to some limitations imposed by Apple to allow sales through the VPP program.  While the purchase rate of ZipGrade VPP was declining, the number of purchasers using this loophole was increasing.


More questions or issues?

Please contact me at: help@zipgrade.com




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