Can ZipGrade do alternate answers or combination answers?

ZipGrade can grade multiple answers (more than one answer selected at once, for example: "AC") and alternate answers (more than one acceptable response, like A or C), as well as assign different point values if desired for any alternate answers (such as 1 point if they respond with A, 2 points if they respond with AC, etc.).

ZipGrade does not yet have the advanced intelligence to award points for partially correct/incorrect answers without specifying each possible partial answer at this time. This means that if you have "AC" selected as the primary answer on the key, only those students that responded with exactly "AC" will be considered correct and either "A" or "C" single letter options would be considered incorrect without additional setup as alternate answers on the key. (If you want "A" and "C" to each have their own partial point value, as well as any other multi-letter combinations that contain at least one of the correct letters, you would need to create an alternate answer in the key for each of those responses.)


You can indicate multiple answers much in the same way that you would choose the correct answer on your key - either fill-in all letters before scanning your key or manually select all letters on the "Edit Key" screen in your app. Keep in mind, if you are indicating multiple letters as the primary answer, ZipGrade will require all of those indicated letters to be selected to be considered "correct". (If you want partial credit for getting it partially correct, you can add each individual letter and partial letter combination as alternate answers, as described below.)

To create an alternate answer in the app:

  1. Start on the "Quizzes" screen of your ZipGrade mobile app.
  2. Press the name of the quiz to go to the quiz detail screen
  3. Press "Edit Key"
  4. Press “i” to the right of the question that should have more than one correct answer.
  5. Press “+” (Apple) or “Add Answer” (Android) for each additional answer or combination of answers needed.
  6. Enter a numeric answer with a point value for each additional answer row.

To create an alternate answer in the website:

  1. From the quiz's detail page, click the "Edit" button in the "Answer Key" section of the page.
  2. Enter the correct answers for each question.
  3. The optional "+ Answer" button will create a new alternate answer for that question if needed.  (Enter a correct answer and point value for each alternate answer.)  Multiple alternate answers can be added where appropriate.
  4. Click the "Save Key" button to save before returning to the quiz's detail screen.

Depending on how you want to award points for the question, this will allow you to set each answer's point value to award:

  • partial point values (for example, 1 point for each individual circle – all correct circles must be chosen to receive full points),
  • full credit for multiple circles (any single correct circle results in full points), or
  • extra credit for selecting all correct circles (all correct circles must be chosen to receive more points than the Primary answer value).

Please note: The “Primary” answer point value is the only value that is used in calculating the correct answer percentage.

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