How do I get started with ZipGrade?

Getting Started with ZipGrade (iPhone/iPad) from ZipGrade

1. Print Answer Sheets

2. Create Quiz and Key

  • On the 'Quizzes' screen in the mobile app, press 'New' in the upper-right.
  • Give the quiz a meaningful name, select the answer sheet, and click 'Create Quiz' to arrive at the 'Quiz Menu'
  • Press 'Edit Key'. Either scan a known good answer sheet or enter the correct answers for each question. Press 'Done' when complete.

3. Grade Papers

  • Press 'Scan Papers' to start grading.
  • Grade papers by aligning the 4 corner squares on the paper in the 4 viewfinders on the screen.
  • The app will vibrate or make a camera sound when the image is acquired.
  • Press done to go to 'Review Papers' or 'Item Analysis'.

4. Review Results

  • Press 'Review Papers' to see the results and review each paper.
  • Press 'Item Analysis' to see statistics for each question.


  • Only questions with answers will be graded. Therefore, you can create quizzes of any size.
  • If using an iPad, be sure it is not muted. This is usually the switch next to the volume control. Otherwise you won't know when a page is graded.


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