How do I connect multiple classes to a quiz and view just one?

Three data connections are required in order for students to appear properly in classes:

  1. The paper must be connected to a student record
  2. The student must be placed into a class
  3. The class must be connected to the quiz

To create student records:

Use either the 'Students' tab on the mobile app or the 'Students' section on the website to manually create the new students.  The website also has a CSV Import Wizard on the 'Students' section.

To create class records:

Use either the 'Classes' tab in the mobile app or website to create new classes.  


If the paper is not connecting to a student record:

  • Press 'Review Papers' and select the paper 
  • Press the menu button in the upper-right and select 'Change Student' 
  • Select the correct student from the list

To check if the student is in the class:

  • Within the app, go to the 'Students' page 
  • Search for and select the student 
  • Press the 'pencil' icon in the upper-right to edit 
  • Verify that the class is check marked

To connect the class to a quiz:

  • Select the quiz in the list of Quizzes 
  • Press the 'pencil' edit icon in the upper-right 
  • Verify that the classes are check marked


Note: If you're not using studentID numbers and student records, the app can't know which class to place the student. In this case you will need to create multiple quizzes-- one for each class. The 'copy quiz' button is on the 'edit' menu for quizzes to make creating replica quizzes easier.


Once all three of the data conditions mentioned above are met:

  • Quiz results can be filtered by class from the quiz detail page of the website.  Once logged in to the website, go to the "Quizzes" page and click on a blue linked quiz name to open the quiz detail page.  Filter results by clicking on the blue hyperlinked "Filter By [class name]" links just below the quiz name near the top.
  • Quiz Results can be filtered and/or grouped on the ZipGrade mobile app. The "Review Papers" screen will have the students grouped by class, and the exported reports can be filtered by class by toggling the checkmarks for each class during the download process before completing the download.


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