How to handle essay or free response? Is there a rubric mode?

Both the iOS and Android version allow for alternate answers for each question.  By defining multiple answers it's possible to create a 'rubric' question where you, as the teacher, may darken the circle that corresponds to the point value you wish to award the student.

  1. First, create the key as usual by scanning a known good paper or toggling the correct answers on the 'Edit Key' screen.
  2. For each free response question:
    • Press the 'i' on that questions row on the 'Edit Key' screen
    • Define the primary answer to be 'A' with whatever point value this question should be worth. The total point denominator for a quiz is based on the sum of the point values of the primary answer.
    • For each partial credit value you wish to award, press the top '+' to create an alternate answer with the next letter and appropriate. 
    • For example, the below question is worth 10 points, but we may award partial, full, and even extra credit.
  3. When grading the free response sections, mark the letter(s) on the student's answer sheet that correspond to the points you wish to award the student for their answer. 
    • Note: In the above example, darken both the A and B circles for question 20 to award the 12 points.
  4. Scan the students' paper after you have made your marks and the points will be tabulated to include the free response questions. The item analysis stats will also show the breakdown for the free response questions.



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