How do I change volume of the shutter sound?

When an image of a paper is acquired and being graded, a shutter sound will play to let you know that this page is being graded.  On iPhones, there is also a vibration.  Without the vibration motor, the iPad will only make the sound to let you know the image has been acquired.

The shutter sound plays as a system notification sound which.  By default, system notification sounds are not affected by the volume controls.  To adjust the volume on the camera sound:

  • From the Home Screen (with all your app icons), press 'Settings'
  • Select 'Sounds'
  • Enable the option labeled 'Change with Buttons' under the section 'Ringer and Alerts'

Now you may use the normal volume up/down buttons to change the volume to the shutter.  If you are not hearing the shutter at all, make sure that the mute switch is not enabled (physical switch above the volume by default).



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