Problems with Update: Crashed or Stalled

First off, I'm very sorry you encountered this issue.  We continue to work to add often requested features and to maintain compatibility with new Apple products and iOS versions.  However, releasing an update always incurs risks of issues like this for some users.  We've added many features, such as ZipGrade cloud to reduce the risk of losing data and we continue to include code in each release to reduce the risk during future updates.


This most recent update includes a number of new features.  When first opened after updating, the app attempts to add new fields to accommodate these new features.

We're seeing that a small percentage of users are encountering issues during this process.  There are a few reasons that the data update may not be successful and result in the app crashing or halting.  These include:

  • bad data/corruption of data,
  • not enough free space on the device,
  • or the update process taking longer than iOS allows.

Unfortunately, there is no way to detect or prevent these issues within the app code itself.  


Since there are a few possible reasons for the issue, there are a few tasks to try to see if it resolves the issue.  

(Note: If you know your data has been synced to ZipGrade Cloud and the website, skip to #3 for the quickest resolution.)

Step #1: Reboot your device:

Hold down both physical buttons (sleep button on top-right and home button on bottom-face) until you see a silver apple.  Then let go.  This will stop any hung processes and allow the update to occur more quickly.  

Now try to open ZipGrade again.  If this doesn't work, continue to step #2.

Step #2: Free up some space:  

The update process creates a temporary copy of some data and will crash if it cannot do so.  Once the update is finished, this used space will be returned.  Use the tips at this website to free up some temporary space on your device (10 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on your iPhone).  

Now try to open ZipGrade again.  If this doesn't work, continue to step #3.

Step #3: Remove and re-install:

If the above does not work, then the issue is likely a corruption of data.  Unfortunately, this means that there is no way to recover data from the local device and Apple does not allow a roll-back to previous versions.  If you created a ZipGrade Cloud user and allowed syncing, then your data has been securely backed up to the servers and may be recovered from there.

On the home screen, press and hold down the ZipGrade icon until all the icons wiggle.  Press 'ZipGrade' and confirm to delete it.  Press the 'Home' button to stop the wiggling. In the App Store, search for ZipGrade and install.  

When you open ZipGrade, select to enter your existing ZipGrade Cloud username and password.  Use this link if you've forgotten your password.

Once you've logged in with your existing ZipGrade Cloud username and password, your synced data and subscription will be downloaded into this clean instance of ZipGrade.


Once again, I'm very sorry you encountered this issue.  If you do encounter further issues, please let me know:




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