What are my options if my student ID is more than 5 digits?


The 50 question form has space for 5 digits. For classes that have 6 or more digit ID's you have two options:

1. Use the 100 question form for all quizzes:

The 100 question form was developed after receiving feedback on the 50 question form and has space for up to 9 digits. Since ZipGrade will only score questions for which an answer has been defined in the key, you may use the 100 question form for any size up to 100 questions.

2. Create a custom answer sheet

If you have a ZipGrade account, use the Custom Answer Sheet Wizard found on the 'Answer Sheets' tab on the ZIpGrade.com website to create a custom answer sheet with the specific number of digits you need for a student ID number. 

Once published, your custom form will be available to select when creating a new quiz within the mobile application.  Pre-printed answer sheets are also available for published custom answer sheets on the 'Classes' tab of the ZipGrade.com website.

3. Truncate the student ZipGrade ID numbers and store the full number in 'ExternalID':

Using either just the last 5 or first 5 digits of their ID, store just those digits in the ZipGrade ID field. Have the students use this truncated number when encoding. The ExternalID field is a 'catchall' field that you may store any number/letter string in and is included in any exports. So if you store the full number in that field, you will still have the full number on the exports.

4. Use a random number and pre-printed answer sheets:

Either use the truncated ZipGrade ID number as above or let ZipGrade create a random ZipGrade ID. Then print pre-filled answer sheets from the 'classes' tab on the website. These download as a multi-page pdf and have all the answer sheets for the class with the student ZipGrade ID (with darkened circles), name, and class already filled in.

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