How do I connect multiple classes to a single quiz?

Three data connections are required in order for students to appear properly in classes:

  1. The paper must be connected to a student record
  2. The student must be placed into a class
  3. The class must be connected to the quiz

To create student records:

Use either the 'Students' tab on the mobile app or the 'Students' section on the website to manually create the new students.  The website also has a CSV Import Wizard on the 'Students' section.

To create class records:

Use either the 'Classes' tab in the mobile app or website to create new classes.  


If the paper is not connecting to a student record:

  • Press 'Review Papers' and select the paper 
  • Press the menu button in the upper-right and select 'Change Student' 
  • Select the correct student from the list

To check if the student is in the class:

  • Within the app, go to the 'Students' page 
  • Search for and select the student 
  • Press the 'pencil' icon in the upper-right to edit 
  • Verify that the class is check marked

To connect the class to a quiz:

  • Select the quiz in the list of Quizzes 
  • Press the pencil icon in the upper-right to bring up the 'Edit Quiz' screen
  • Verify that the classes are check marked


Note: If you're not using studentID numbers and student records, the app can't know which class to place the student. In this case you will need to create multiple quizzes-- one for each class. The 'copy quiz' button is on the 'edit' menu for quizzes to make creating replica quizzes easier.

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