How do I administer a quiz with multiple keys?


The multiple key version is currently available for iOS and Android.

The answer sheets have been updated to include a key version section.

To use an alternate key on iOS:


  • Select an existing quiz or create a new quiz.
  • Press 'Edit Key'
  • At the top is a selection to switch keys your are editing or to add 'Add Key..'
  • When adding a key, you need to elect whether:
    • Map Each Question: You are able to map the questions from the additional key to the primary key. This is possible when you have mixed the question order, but the actual question text and answers selected are the same. This selection will allow us to perform an item analysis across the keys.
    • Provide Answers: You will provide the correct answer for each question either by scanning a known good paper or toggling the circles. With this option, we cannot perform an item analysis for students using this key.
  • When administering the quizzes, have the students bubble the key version associated with the test version they are taking.
  • When scanning papers, the app will automatically use the appropriate key that the student encoded. 
    • If that key was net defined, the app will use the primary key. 
    • If the student encoded the wrong key, you may edit this on the 'Edit Answers' page.
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