My custom form isn't showing in the mobile app (Android)

For Android devices.  If using iOS/Apple, please go here.

The ZipGrade mobile app syncs with the servers every few minutes while the app is open and able to reach the servers.  There are a few possible reasons that the data created on the website may not be syncing to the mobile app.  Here are the steps to resolve most of those issues:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your mobile device to look for updates
    • Tap the 3-bar menu icon in the top bar
    • Select 'My Apps and Games'
    • App needing updates will appear at the top of the list. Tap 'Update All' to update all the apps needing updates.
  2. Restart your device:
    • Hold down the sleep button until you can see the 'Power Off' option
    • Select 'Power Off' 
    • Once powered off, press the sleep button to reboot your device.
  3. Open the ZipGrade app and navigate to the 'Cloud' screen
  4. Verify that the user showing at the top of the screen is the same user you used to create the form on the website
  5. Press the 'Sync' button and allow it to complete.
  6. Repeat step 5 again.  You're looking to make sure the 'Pending Data Upload' line shows zero.
  7. Return to the 'Quizzes' screen and create a new quiz.  Then press 'Select Sheet'. Is the expected answer sheet showing?


If you see any red error messages, that usually indicates a connectivity issue such as intermittent internet or a school firewall blocking access.  Let us know what the message says so we can best direct.

If the form is still not showing, please let us know the name of the form and your username so we may research further.

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