How do I create custom answer sheets?

The 'Custom Answer Sheets' wizard is available on the 'Answer Sheets' tab on the website.  It is intended to allow teachers to define the specific attributes for each question and the overall form.  Generally, a teacher would create a form that matches most of the types of quizzes they administer.  They would then reuse this custom form for each of their quizzes.


To use a custom answer sheet:

  1. First use the Custom Answer Sheet Wizard to create an answer sheet if you have not done so.  One answer sheet may be used by many quizzes.  Follow the steps in the wizard to define the attributes and eventually publish the custom form.
  2. You may print out blank answer sheets from the master list on the custom sheet wizard.  Or you may print answer sheet packs for your classes on the 'Classes' tab for this custom wizard.
  3. Within the ZipGrade mobile app, select to create a new quiz.
  4. On the answer sheet form selection, you should see the published custom form.  Select this form and 'Create Quiz'
  5. On the 'Edit Key' quiz define the correct answers as usual.  You may opt to scan a paper acting as the key, add alternate answers, or create alternate keys for different versions of the quiz.
  6. On the 'Scan Papers' button, scan the completed papers as you would for the standard answer sheets.


If the papers don't scan, be sure that the name and number printed in the margin of the answer sheet forms matches the name and number selected for the quiz.  

If you don't see the custom form listed on the 'Edit Quiz' screen:

  • Be sure that you have installed the most recent version of ZipGrade by visiting the App Store or Play Store
  • Press the 'Sync' button on the 'Cloud' screen in the mobile device to make sure you have synced all of your data to the mobile device



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