Can I administer a quiz to remote students? Can ZipGrade be used paperless?

Due to the current situation affecting schools around the Globe, ZipGrade now has an online submission option for students.

We're continuing to add new features to make online submission by students even better.  

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"Open" vs "Verified" Submission

Teachers have been using the ZipGrade application in a number of different ways, so we have developed two ways to administer online quizzes to be meet the needs of as many teachers as possible.  Therefore, it is best to understand which method will work best for you beforehand:

"Open" submission is the quickest way to get started to have your students complete answer sheets on the internet. 

How to use 'Open' submission to administer a quiz to students online

  •  The teacher enables 'Open' submission for an individual quiz and optionally uploads a PDF of questions to present to the students. 
  • The teacher distributes a single URL to all of their students.  The students use this URL to access the online answer sheet. 
  • The students are prompted to enter their names as they should appear in the 'name' box on a virtual form.  If a student ID section is available, they are prompted for what value to put there.
  • On submission of the virtual answer sheet, if the student ID entered matches a student record within the ZipGrade system; the paper is automatically connected to that student
  • All submitted papers appear in the 'Graded Papers' section of the quiz on the website alongside any papers graded via scanning within the mobile app.
    • Because we cannot verify the student, there is nothing stopping a student from entering bogus data in order to view the questions before taking a quiz for real.
    • For the same reason, we cannot limit submissions since a mischievous student could enter another student's name and/or ID number.  

"Verified" submission is only available for ZipGrade account that has defined Student records and have assigned students to Classes.  

How to use 'Verified' online submission of quizzes by students

  • A student portal is enabled as an account setting on the 'My Account' screen
  • Students are assigned Student Access Codes, which are visible, exportable, and resettable on the 'Students' tab
  • Teachers distribute the individual Student Access Code to each student along with their existing Student ID number
  • The student logs into the Student Portal ( with their Student ID number and Student Access Code to view quizzes assigned to them
  • The teacher, on the individual quiz screen on the website, assigns each quiz to each class with options including:
    • Time/Date Window when student may begin quiz
    • Time Limit: How long is the student allowed for this quiz once they begin
    • Multiple Answer Key PDFs: The students are randomly assigned a question PDF from those uploaded by the teacher
    • Show Score and Questions On Submit: On submission, show the student the graded paper 
    • Student and class records are required
    • Because there is a submission limit, if a student accidentally submits an answer sheet they will not be able to re-take a test unless you remove that graded paper.



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