Account Device Limit and Throttled Syncing

Each ZipGrade account is intended for use by a single teacher in a classroom setting. While this teacher may login to multiple devices; the screens, reports, and supporting services are optimized for the activities of a single teacher. In addition to violating the ZipGrade Terms of Service, sharing a username and password among multiple teachers will result in a degradation of performance of the service.
To prevent an impact on other users, we limit data syncing for accounts sharing logins across more than 5 devices. You may have seen this recently as a delay in data syncing between devices and the server.
To prevent the delay in syncing of data, please consider taking some of the following steps to reduce shared usage of a single account:
  • Reduce the number of devices actively using this account at the same time.
  • Change the password on the account to force all unneeded devices to logout using this link:
  • Create additional ZipGrade accounts to separate usage.


If you have questions, concerns, or a situation where the amount of data syncing cannot be reduced; please let us know more on how you are using ZipGrade.
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