Custom Form Sharing and Quiz Sharing

In the case of common assessments, there is a "share" feature for custom answer sheets and/or quizzes (which includes the answer key and any custom forms/tags selected for that quiz) available on the website.  I'm including the instructions for sharing quizzes and for sharing custom forms, and you can use whichever option suits your situation best.  (To share the quiz's answer key setup, use the quiz share option.)

To share a QUIZ, start with the user that created the quiz:

  1. Log into with the ZipGrade username that created the quiz.
  2. Go to the "Quizzes" page
  3. Click the blue, linked quiz name to go to that quiz's detail page.
  4. Find and click the "Share" button in the "Quiz Details" section on that page.
  5. The quiz share feature defaults to include the tags for the shared quiz, but this can be unchecked if you prefer.
  6. Click the "Create Quiz Snapshot" to capture the current state of the shared quiz. (If the quiz creator makes changes to the quiz after creating this snapshot, it will not be updated for any other users using the share code/URL for that specific snapshot. Another quiz snapshot can be made and shared as needed that includes any additional changes.)
  7. You will now see a table with information about any shared quiz snapshots on your account to the right. Copy the "Share Code" or the "Share URL" and send that to any other ZipGrade users that will be adding this shared quiz to their own accounts.

To share a CUSTOM FORM, start with a ZipGrade user that already has that exact custom answer sheet listed on their account.

  1. Log into the website with the account that created the custom form.
  2. Go to the "Answer Sheets" page, then click the "Custom Answer Sheet Wizard" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the "Share Form" button to the far right of the custom answer sheet name to share, and follow the on-screen instructions to share the "share code" or URL with other teachers.


For the ZipGrade users that are ADDING a shared quiz or custom answer sheet to their OWN account:

  1. Log into with their own ZipGrade username.
  2. If using the share URL, click on that URL link or type/paste it directly into the browser's address bar.  (This will list any data records to be shared.)  Then, confirm adding the listed data record(s) to the logged-in ZipGrade account.
  3. If using the "Share Code", go to the "Sharing" page, enter the "Share code" for the quiz/custom answer sheet from the other ZipGrade user, then click "Review Shared Data".  (This will list any data records to be shared.)  Then, confirm adding the listed data record(s) to the logged-in ZipGrade account.  

The shared data will be visible online immediately, but will need to sync with the ZipGrade mobile app before it will be visible in the app.


  • Currently, all data stored on the servers is encrypted per ZipGrade account. While great for student privacy and security, this does make it difficult to build the ability to share student results across different ZipGrade accounts.  For privacy & security reasons, you would still need to use the exports to share student scores/results outside of ZipGrade. (  

  • Custom forms and the Quiz Share feature are web-based features, and a ZipGrade account (free or paid) is required to access these features.
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