How can I export data from ZipGrade into Excel?

If you are using the iPhone/iPad version:
* Select from the list of quizzes
* On the quiz menu, press 'Review Papers'
* In the upper-right, press the export button (rectangle with an up arrow)
* Select the format you would like (CSV - Full Data Format has the most data)
* Press 'Next >' and select your destination: Google Drive, Dropbox, or email

If using the Android version:
* Select from the list of quizzes
* Press the ellipse button (3 dots) in the upper-right
* Select 'Export Data'
* Select 'CSV'
* Select destination (selection varies on apps installed)

For either version, using the website:
* From any web browser, go to
* Press in the upper-left to login and enter your ZipGrade Cloud username & password
* Press 'quizzes' in the menu bar
* Click on the blue, linked quiz name
* Press to 'Export as CSV'

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