How do I import a CSV file of students?


ZipGrade can grade papers without entering in student records, but to get the most value from data exports it is recommended that you create student records and ID values for all of your students.

If you have a CSV file of your student roster, you may use the website to import all of your students in a matter of seconds:

To Import a CSV file through ZipGrade Cloud:

  1. Go to and login with your ZipGrade Cloud user.
  2. Click on Students and then click 'Import From CSV'.
  3. Select a CSV file on your computer with the required fields (see below).
  4. Follow the directions on screen to map the data columns appropriately.
  5. Once imported, the data sync will happen eventually on your iPhone or iPad.  To initiate a sync ASAP, press the 'Sync Data Now' button on the 'cloud' page within the app.

The import process requires at least a first name and last name field to be included in the CSV file.  Optionally, you may map:

  • A ZipGrade ID - must be a number
  • An External ID - may be alphanumeric and will be included in any exports
  • A Class name - a new class record will be created for any class the doesn't exist yet
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