Can I use ZipGrade for class officer or mock elections?

It's a bit of an 'off-label' use for ZipGrade, but it has been used successfully to read ballots for class officers. To start with, you'll need:

A Open the PNG file in the graphics program.
B Using the select and erase tools, remove:
- The Name box area
- The ABCDE headers
- The question numbers
- All the circles for B-E (leave the first column of circles in both rows)

C Next to the circles, put the name of the candidates
D Feel free to erase any circles needed to add meaningful headers or spacing
E Remove any un-used circles.
F. (optional) Once tested, try to fit two copies of the answer sheet on one 8.5x11 piece of paper to conserve paper.

Here is an example of a ballot used in PA:

To 'grade' the ballots, create a quiz and set the answer key to be all 'A'. Scan the ballots as you would quizzes. Be cautious of double scanning. Use the item analysis page to get a quick tally for each candidate.

Please be sure to test and experiment. And ask students not to fold or bend their ballots.

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