Why is my data not visible on the website? It's not syncing.

There are a number of reasons why the syncing steps may be failing. Let's run through a few items to see what we can find:

1. First, visit the App Store or Play store on your device to make sure there are no pending updates for ZipGrade.  If there is an update, please install it.

2. Reboot your device.  This can sometimes resolve any resource or memory conflicts by terminating stuck processes:

  • On iOS: Press and hold the two physical buttons (home and sleep) until the screen blanks.  Then let go.  On startup, a white apple will appear
  • On Android: Press and hold the sleep button until the 'Power Off' option appears.  Select the 'Power Off' option and allow the device to completely shut-down before restarting

3. Open the ZipGrade app.  Navigate to the Cloud screen.  On iOS, the link is in the gray bar at the bottom of the main screens.  On Android, the 'Cloud' button is on the main menu.

4. Verify that the user appearing at the top is the same you are using on the website.  

  • If you are using the wrong user on the mobile device, press the 'Logout' button and select to keep your local data.  Then follow the prompts to login with your correct username.  Note that the subscription is tied to the user.  If you purchased the subscription on the wrong username, please email help@zipgrade.com with the details for more assistance.

5. On the 'Cloud' screen in the mobile app, press the 'Sync' button and wait for it to complete.  Do not leave this screen while syncing.

6. Press the 'Sync' button again.  This second press is optional, but initiates a more complete reconciliation of data.

7. Check the bottom of the 'Cloud' screen for any red errors.  These usually indicate a connectivity issue, sometimes caused by a school firewall, VPN server, or intermittent internet.  If using a school wi-fi, work with your technical team to make sure the following domains are accessible:

  • https://www.zipgrade.com
  • https://api.zipgrade.com

8. If you continue to encounter sync issues, please let me know your ZipGrade user, describe the data that is missing and where, and any errors you are seeing on the 'Cloud' screen so we can research further.  Screen shots are always useful when debugging issues like this.

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