Can I print answer sheets with student info pre-filled?

Answer sheet packs are PDF files with answer sheets for an entire class.  The answer sheets have the students' names and ID numbers pre-filled.  You may optionally define a quiz name to print on the form as well.

The answer sheet packs are downloaded from the 'Classes' tab on the website in the column labeled 'Answer Sheet Packs'.

Answer sheet packs are only available for answer sheets that have a student ID section with enough digits to accommodate all of the students in this class.  For example, the standard 50 question form has space for student ID numbers up to 5 digits long.  If a student in the class has a 6 digit ID number or longer, then the 50 question form will not be available as an answer sheet pack for this class.

Since the 20 question form has no student ID section, it is never available as an answer sheet pack.  If you do want a smaller answer sheet as an answer sheet pack, use the Custom Answer Sheet Wizard to create a custom form with the specific number of questions and a student ID section large enough to accommodate all students in the class.  Once published, the custom answer sheet will appear as an answer sheet pack for this class.


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